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Graeme Fitzpatrick graemefitz1 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 03:32:12 UTC 2021

Question as to how we should best be dealing with "old" military features?

During discussions on the Base proposal, mention was made of
military=ammunition, which I hadn't spotted prior to that time. When I had
a look at some of the ammunition locations shown on OT, I immediately
noticed that a number of them are currently tagged as landuse=military +
military=ammunition, but also abandoned=yes / ruins=yes etc - i.e. they are
no longer in use.

So how should things like this be tagged?

Lifecycle https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Lifecycle_prefix would
suggest either disused or abandoned, which I guess would work for the
facility itself, but how about the landuse?


Just delete the landuse altogether & tag an appropriate landcover eg
grassland, scrub etc?

The other related, very tricky, one that I noticed was military=bunker,
currently in use 57500+ times!, the vast majority of which, I would guess,
are between 75-120 years old, but may well remain visible for another 100

We say that a building always stays tagged as what it was built as, so a
church stays as a building=church, no matter that it's now a Doctor's
surgery, restaurant or block of apartments.

Under that idea, a bunker will always be a bunker, regardless of it now
being a wine cellar, or somebody's home, despite very few of them still
being in use for their intended purpose (unless, of course, the French Army
wants to bring a few back into service to protect Normandy against those
dastardly British! :-))

Should they also be tagged as disused or abandoned, + tourist=attraction
perhaps, so that they stay visible to anybody searching for them?

& once again, some of them are also still tagged as landuse=military, to
show that they were a military fortification, ~75 years ago, but they
clearly aren't now.

What do we all think is the best option/s?


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