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I think that’s better :) thanks Joseph! You the best!!!!!!

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> Re: hiv:medicine=yes
> It might be clearer to use hiv:medication= to describe whether medications
> are dispensed.
> — Joseph Eisenberg
> On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 5:32 AM Mikko Tamura <mikko.tamura at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Greetings everyone! We would like to sought for your feedback,
>> suggestions, and thoughts on tagging features on OSM specifically on HIV
>> and support facilities. Currently, MapBeks is moving forward in validating
>> the collated data that we have collected and would be putting it on OSM so
>> that we can create webmaps for the lgbt and plhiv communities here.
>> So just a quick background, we were able to upload half of our facilities
>> last year with the very extensive tagging system using combinations from
>> the Healthcare 2.0 proposal such as health_service:test=yes, etc. So pretty
>> much our scheme before was:
>> So based on some discussions with other OSM peepz. we have proceeded in
>> changing our old scheme to a slightly easier way:
>> 1. instead of tagging disease:hiv=yes we used a new one as suggest by
>> Joseph Eisenberg - since hiv is really not a virus and there was a bad
>> connotation on the term diseased or disease we therefore moved our edits to
>> using *infection:hiv=yees*
>> *2. * One problem we faced is that we have 3 types of hiv services here
>> identified: 1. treatment and inpatient care 2. dispensing of medicines and
>> 3. hiv testing and counselling  - for this we think we can differentiate
>> the features through the following tags: *hiv:test =yes* (for testing
>> availability); *hiv:medicine=yes* (for dispensing of meds); and
>> *hiv:inpatient=yes* (for patients that can stay in a facility due to
>> complications brought by hiv).
>> 3. Second concern would be the way it would be tagged. previously we
>> added the tag within the hospital grounds or where there is the
>> amenity=hospital or amenity=clinic or healthcare=laboratory is. But this
>> can be problematic in the case where the feature can get mixed up with
>> other details like contact information or schedules. Usually as well the
>> HIV facility is a separate private room or office. So we thought of using
>> the *amenity=doctors or amenity=clinic *(specially if it is its own
>> building or couple of room).
>> 4. Lastly, the tagging convention for social facilities use the term
>> diseased. We do feel that there might be a negative connotation as well for
>> this thus we hope to propose an additional tag specifically for the persons
>> living with hiv community (plhiv) such as *social_facility:for=plhiv* or
>> possibly extend it for other purposes as well such as other services that
>> provide opportunities for the marginalized communities. such as
>> office:for=plhiv, etc.
>> I am very excited for your feedback and you may also visit our
>> documentation wiki at:
>> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/HIV_Facilities_Tagging_(MapBeks)#Tagging_scheme_for_HIV_facilities
>> Thank you and have a wonderful day!
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