[Tagging] RFC: remove alphanumeric code visible in infoboxes at OSM Wiki linking to Wikidata

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Sat Jan 23 13:54:15 UTC 2021

Jan 22, 2021, 22:41 by marc_marc at mailo.com:

> is it possible to have a less extreme proposition than "hide
> everything" t? for example :
> - don't display an invitation to add a wikidata if it is not filled in
> - display a "see also" with the link at the bottom of the page,
> instead of in the infobox.
> saying that each link requires human intervention to cut wikidata=Q...
> and paste the link at the bottom of the article is a waste of human time.
In see also it is preferable to link Wikipedia directly and not always matched
page are useful.

For example on dog=* key page (key defining whatever you can
enter with tog) it is not useful to link article about dog as an animal.

And some are already linked.

So review is needed anyway.

If someone is interested in adding more it is possible to generate
list of wiki pages without wikipedia links and with matching wikidata
page (let me know if someone would spend some time on using it).
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