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> I know that we had a genuine trunk road here in Padova, Italy  (dual carriageway with two lanes plus a 3m wide shoulder, and a 90lm/h speed limit) that was legally open to cyclists and pedestrians (I used it occasionally to cycle to work). It now has extra signage that excludes bicycles and smaller motor cycles, but there is no no-pedestrian sign - hence I believe, legally it is still open to pedestrians, even though I would not recommend it.

you made me discover a situation in Rome where you can apparently walk according to the signage:


it’s forbidden for bicycles and scooters but no mention of pedestrians. That’s an elevated trunk 2+2 leading to the motorway. While it’s legally limited to 50kph people are driving much faster and there’s no sidewalk:


according to Google it’s a motorway but on the ground the motorway begins a bit later

In OpenStreetMap it is currently tagged as motorroad, although the signage at this on-ramp doesn’t exactly say this:


I’m a bit reluctant of “fixing” this because it is clearly a deficit in signage as you would seriously risk your life walking there.

There are other roads which I would not usually walk and hardly anybody does ever, for example https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/114099019#map=16/41.8727/12.5047
there are initially sidewalks on both carriageways, but the one on the road towards west disappears after the bridge 600m forward from there, before the road enters a residential area. As a fully able adult you can probably cross the other road (it func as an offramp but is also a normal road) and reach the sidewalk there, but if you are in a wheelchair you would probably have to backup when the sidewalk becomes too narrow after passing under the bridge...

Cheers Martin 

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