[Tagging] converted_by : discardable ?

Marc_marc marc_marc at mailo.com
Tue Jan 26 18:21:17 UTC 2021

Le 26.01.21 à 19:05, Stefan Tauner a écrit :
> I don't value the argument of big BBes not at all either (from a human perspective 
> at least - is there are technical reason to avoid big BBes?).

the majority of the tools manage the bboxes in a very precarious way.
try for example to display the changes affecting an area without
displaying the bboxes including this area but without having made any
modification. often you have to resign yourself either to see changeset
without modifying anything, or to ignore changesets which are too big
but which still make potential modifications in the zone you want.
feedback from local contributors seems essential to me, that's why I
almost always proposed to divide this into pieces that are humanly
manageable with current tools

> Did anybody check when that tag has been added the last time?

it look like that a such tools doesn't exist yet.
you may query the diff to find a new changeset with this tag
but it won't say if the person added it, it may have been added
by the previous contributor.
Targeting version #1 objects is not enough because by cutting
a way in 2, produce a object version #1 with the tags of the previous
contributor by default.

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