[Tagging] Relationship between place=* and name=*

Michael Montani michael.montani at un.org
Tue Jan 26 18:26:55 UTC 2021

>> Which part of Wiki definition you consider as requiring changes?

I don't know if it is only a problem of misunderstanding but parts like:

'... location is known by a particular name ...'
'... Defines the center or outline of a named place ...'

gives to me the idea that a place (meant as human settlement, for which a rank can be chosen) must have a name information, while in my opinion couldn't be always the case, especially for small settlements as place=isolated_dwellings. A toponym is defined only by the presence of name=*, to me, and can be highly suggested for place=*.

I would rather focus the attention on the fact it's a human settlement which approximate population size and availability of facilities is defining the rank, which supposedly has a name but not always.

>> a place that has no name should not have a place=* object.

Yes, I definetely cannot understand this sentence. Could you elaborate? To me, only place=locality without name=* wouldn't make any sense, but place!=locality without name=* would be fine (even in case the name doesn't actually exist), because it's describing a human settlment.


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Jan 26, 2021, 18:48 by michael.montani at un.org:
My question is not a matter of rendering, but about the definition of place in the wiki, and whether you believe or not name=* could be sometimes skipped when mapping places (try to run 'node["place"]["name"!~".*"]({{bbox}});' on Overpass anywhere in Africa...) or the wiki definition should be revised.
Which part of Wiki definition you consider as requiring changes?

I can imagine mapping place=village or place=city without tagging name
(though I am highly dubious whatever you can correctly select place
rank in case of armchair edits), without tagging name tag.

It is not changing that name tag is required and such object is definitely
incomplete until it is added.
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