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>> Hello List,
>> Looking at a small airport, there is some discrepancy from declared width
>> [1] and measured on aerial imagery [2] (40m declared and 22m measured).
>> Is OSM runway width the distance measured from parallel horizontal strips
>> or the overall distance clear from obstacles?
> I'll ask a pilot I know & come back to you.

& response:

There are 2 separate measurements Runway width (RW) and Runway Strip width

For bitumen runways, the RW is the width of the bitumen surface. Its
essentially ground that is suitable for the takeoff and landing of an
RWS includes the grass area at the sides that is free from obstructions for
wing overhang etc.
The edge of RWS is often marked by white gable markers

The RWS is not suitable for take-off landing (although in an emergency
nobody would make a fuss).

40m wide runway
40m is a big runway. For comparison Sydney has 45m runways. Bankstowns
largest is 30m with an RWS of 90m

~22m would be a reasonable size for a runway. Bankstowns southern runway is
23m wide.

Some runways may be as little as 10m wide, and that can lead to some pucker
factor in crosswinds. :) Maitland has 3 runways 10, 15 and 18 wide.

So from that I would say that your Runway (RW) is ~22m & the Strip (RWS) is

Looking at the aeroway page though
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:aeroway=runway it doesn't really
say anything, only "Use the width
<https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:width>=* tag to identify the width
of the runway."

Maybe we need to write a bit better definition?

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