[Tagging] How to map short hiking/foot routes with limited physical markings

Martin S√łndergaard sondergaard246 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 20:49:28 UTC 2021

I am currently mapping a number of short local hiking/foot routes. But I am
not sure how much of the routes to map and which symbol to use.

Here is an example (in blue): https://imgur.com/a/EF3OuAH
This is a short route which was made by the municipality and it contains
both an alternative and an excursion. Here is the important info about the

   - The only part which is marked by guideposts is the part in green.
   - The three orange dots are physical locations of maps which show the
   - The bottom orange dot is the natural starting point with parking
   opportunities and information boards about this route and other local
   - The green part with physical guideposts starts off with one symbol
   (red arrow), but transitions about halfway to a different symbol (white
   arrow on green background).

So I have two questions:

   1. Should I map the whole blue route or only the green part. Are the
   three separate maps enough to map the whole route; even if there are no
   signs or guideposts along most of the route?
   2. Should I stick to one symbol for the green part or make the
   distinction (how? is it even possible?) between the two symbols present on
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