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Le jeudi, 28. janvier 2021 18:40, Clifford Snow <clifford at snowandsnow.us> a écrit :

> The one area I found questionable is the compartments section of the proposal. Logging activity is nearby where I live. I see full logging trucks regularly. There is even a large wood mill just a short distance away. But I have never seen a compartment marker in all my driving and hiking in the area.. What is visible is clear cut areas. There is a tag man_made=clearcut. I don't particularly like the use of man_made but do feel that clearcut should be included in the proposal.

Beware, compartments are not necessarily present in a forestry area; there may be cases, like the one you gave, where there is none. They can ease management and orientation, but are not necessary.

> I've asked a friend that is a GIS professional working for a large forestry company to look at the proposal from the perspective of a mapper in the US. I know he is quite busy but hopes to give me some feedback in the next few weeks.

Wow! Such perspective could be very useful. Thanks!
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