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The Department of Defense Natural Resources Program also engages in
forestry management ( including timber harvesting ) on the extensive base
system of the services and vast swaths of land included in firing and test
"There are 339 military installations (146 Army, 78 Navy, 96 Air Force, 17
Marine Corps, and 2 Defense Logistics Agency) that require an Integrated
Natural Resources Management Plans (INRMPs) ...  DoD is responsible for the
lands and waters under its control. This includes managing highly diverse
habitats from desert to forest, coasts to mountains, sagebrush to longleaf
Some state National Guards also have lands under their purview, not federal
Same with the Department of Energy" DOE is the fourth largest federal land
manager, conducting its mission at 50 major sites on 2.4 million acres
across the country....  Where compatible with DOE missions, LM will make
excess lands and facilities available for government, public, and private
use consistent with the tenets of sustainable and good land management

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