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Mon Jun 28 23:27:12 UTC 2021

The Milford Track can only be
walked in one direction by regulation.


Regards, Javier

El lun., 28 jun. 2021 22:48, stevea <steveaOSM at softworkers.com> escribió:

> Making a slight clarification how I THINK the from, to and via tags are
> used:  of course, for a trail with a certain name or a road with a certain
> name (like Heretown to Theretown), the from and to tags could be reversed.
> But for a route relation, these tags mean something like "the
> bus/tram/train" really IS going in a certain direction, so from really is
> from and to really is to.
> OSM does use the from=*, to=* and via=* tags on a few things, not too many
> of them, and for these two (trails/roads vs. public transit routes with a
> vehicle towards a destination), there IS a distinction.  (This
> "directionality" aspect might have a specific formal name in transportation
> and/or routing practice, I don't know).
> A hiking route falls into the the "either or" category, not the
> bus/tram/train category (of from, to usage).  One can hike this way or one
> can hike that way (on the same route).  I can imagine that for some
> technical reason I am not imagining (a sheer cliff, something making it
> ostensibly or actually one-way) that this MIGHT not be true, but then
> that's technical hiking, I suppose:  you can go this way or that way and
> your necessary equipment might be quite different in the other direction.
> Or it simply "can't be done" or "isn't allowed to be attempted" or "I can't
> get permission to blast steel pins into the rock" or "that ice can't be
> climbed...".  Then, there is free soloing El Capitan, so, who am I?
> I merely clarify what I think we already know about from and to tags on
> these kinds vs. those kinds of route relations.
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