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Bert -Araali- Van Opstal bert.araali.afritastic at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 23:11:53 UTC 2021

This is an excellent opportunity to reconsider the shop=hairdresser and 
shop=beauty.  Both hairdresser and beauty refer more to an amenity key 
(cultural and social) or a craft key (service / skilled work).
A hairdresser or a beauty shop is in most cases not a place where I go 
to buy something, but where I go to get a service from a craftsmen 
and/or go for social interaction.

My preference would go to amenity = salon.
A salon is an establishment offering cosmetic treatments for men and 
women. Salon is also called beauty parlour or beauty salon. Beauty 
salons offer many treatments including, hair treatments, skin 
treatments, facial aesthetics, aromatherapy, foot care and nail 
manicures. Actually, in most African and Asian countries, most 
"hairdressers" offer a mix of these services and might even offer some 
food and bar like services. African women take from morning till evening 
to get their hair done, most also of course because it's an excellent 
opportunity to have their endless chats with their friends and have 
their nailes done at the same time. Strictly male salons, similar to 
barber shops also exist here. Although they cut or shave you, they often 
have a small bar, or a pool table, a good excuse for men to socialise 
and have their hair or beard done while actually they just want a known 
and popular place to go to to socialise with their friends and have a 
beer or play some pool.
In the Middle-East, most muslim countries the divide men / women has 
more religious and cultural foundations, also in the names of these 
faculties, where it is often, also due to language differences, 
difficult to find a suitable OSM tag. There a barber is strictly for 
men, a salon or hairdresser for women.

Sometimes there are specialized salons dealing with specialized 
treatments such as hair salons and nail salons. Some main treatments 
offered at a full-service salon include haircuts, hair colouring, hair 
styling (straightening, perm, etc.), hair removal (waxing, threading, 
etc.), massages, facials, cleanups, manicures, and pedicures, 
hydrotherapy, and micro-pigmentation.
This is mostly the case In Western countries ? However , in OSM this is 
split in hairdresser and separate beauty top-level shop values. It makes 
it very inviting for people to use multiple nodes just to be able to tag 
them as places where mostly a variety of the beauty services are delivered.
It also makes it difficult to distinguish places where they just sell 
"hair" products and / or other beauty products, or even a specialised 
shop where they sell "hairdresser" tools, which would be shops in the 
pure sense.

So I would suggest to create amenity=salon and use a secondary key 
salon=barber or barber_shop / hairdresser / nail / etc... . Redefine 
shop=hairdresser for shops primary selling hairdresser tools and 
accessories, shop=hair for shops that primarily sell hair treatment 
products, or for the Africans weaves etc...
A salon that offers different services can then easily be used on a 
single node:

amenity = salon
shop = hair


Bert Araali

On 03/03/2021 01:33, Brian M. Sperlongano wrote:
>     While I have never heard about the classic tricoloured poles
>     outside, I believe we could have an additional style tag to
>     distinguish the traditional style barbershops rather than a new
>     main tag.
> +1
> If I were looking for a place to get a haircut, it's better if we can 
> query one tag.  However, traditional barbershops are culturally 
> different from other hair salons / hairdressers and there are people 
> that personally prefer the barbershop "experience".  Further, there 
> are places that style themselves as a barber shop, but will also cut 
> women's hair, though they may lack the more comprehensive services 
> traditionally associated with women's hair styles.  I see this 
> distinction as similar to the "cuisine" tag that we apply to 
> restaurants, and I'd support a tag that distinguishes barber shops 
> from other types of hair establishments *within* the shop=hairdresser tag.
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