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> I think that it is still useful - is there an intersection control
> before/after bridge?
> If short stretch of road (say, 8 km) has no intersection controls but
> outside that there are
> traffic signals/rotaries/etc then I would not tag it as highway=motorway

What if one end of the bridge has an intersection control, while the other
end of the bridge has a typical motorway_link? What if the bridge has two
entrances, one of which is a motorway_link and one of which is a local

To give specific examples, the Williamsburg Bridge has direct ramps to and
from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway at its eastern end

The majority of traffic using the bridge takes these ramps. It also has
various ramps to local streets. On its western end, it has a traffic light

I suppose a more general way to phrase the question would be: In what
situations does a highway=motorway not need to be a through-route between
other highway=motorways? How can a highway=motorway end?

I-78/NJ-139 gets downgraded to highway=trunk at a traffic light four blocks
from the Holland Tunnel.
<https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=18/40.73115/-74.04550> I think the
hesitancy to extend highway=trunk any further back stems from the
interstate highway designation.

NY 9A (the West Side Highway) gets downgraded to highway=primary at a
traffic light at 57th St

The Harlem River Drive ends at a traffic light at Dyckman St and 10th Ave

NY 495, the half-mile Lincoln Tunnel Expressway, ends at a traffic
light at Dyre
Avenue and 31st St

The Palisades Interstate Parkway ends at a traffic circle with US 9W

One possible approach would be to say that a highway=motorway can only end
at/become a highway=trunk, not a highway=primary. Since Delancey Street is
clearly not a highway=trunk, the Williamsburg Bridge would have to be
downgraded to highway=trunk. This would also imply that either West St be
upgraded or the Henry Hudson Parkway be downgraded to highway=trunk. I
could see an argument for either.


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> > But Williamsburg Bridge looks weird to me (warning! I am unfamiliar
> > with that place!)
> >
> I set the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges to trunk last year. The
> Williamsburg Bridge is just a little outside my normal patch but I feel
> trunk would be better there too. Other good trunk candidates IMO would
> be the Lincoln Tunnel (and New Jersey Route 495 that feeds into it), the
> Queensboro Bridge and the Washington Bridge (not to be confused with the
> George Washington Bridge which isn't in Marcel's table.) I might even
> prefer primary for the Washington Bridge.
> Jason
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