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> I would expect water rescue station
> to be a base of operation, unlikely
> to have someone looking at people
> there and rather contain equipment
> including boats for rescue at larger range.
> I would expect lifeguard tower to
> have direct lifeguard presence
> during swimming season, looking
> at people in the water.

Sorry, but isn't that what I've proposed?

" lifeguard
a building which lifeguards operate from, and where equipment, vehicles etc
are often stored
(This could also be simply lifeguard
an elevated tower used by lifeguards to watch and supervise swimmer"

Another example of a rescue-station / base:
https://goo.gl/maps/qn1T1NaxXzfF9ZTM9 - this end of the building is the
actual rescue base, where  vehicles, boats, boards etc are stored, it has a
first aid room, and also accommodation for crews to stay overnight. They do
not actually sit here & watch swimmers in the water as their patrol is
located on the beach out the front of the base, but there will always be
trained personnel found here during operational hours. The other end of the
building is the social side of things with a restaurant, bar, function
centre etc, open to the general public. There is also a separate lifeguard
tower ~200 m away which is manned on those days that the base is closed.

& from this conversation, I'm starting to think that lifeguard=base would
be a better description than =rescue_station? Does anybody have any
thoughts on that?


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