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> > Why did you choose "seaway" - that kind of implies a route rather than a
> terminus. Would not "seaport" be a better fit for the objects you are
> targeting?
> the term seaway was chosen as these are related to transportation on the
> sea.

But "way" very strongly implies "route" in this context.

> Similar to how railway=station refers to railbased infrastructure but
> isn’t about a route


A railway station is a station on a railway.  The railway has to be there
for it
to be an operational railway station.  Your argument would work if you were
proposing seaway to tag shipping routes and the like.  From Wiktionary,
a seaway is a path through the sea.  See
Unless you are proposing to tag actual routes with it, "seaway" is a
misleading use of the term.

If you're looking for a term that includes ports, harbours, shipping
marinas and the like, that term is "dock."

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dock_(maritime)  Additional information
regarding how the terms are used can be found at
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harbor and
which explain that harbours, marinas, etc. are places where ships and
boats can be docked.

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