[Tagging] Strategy for tagging of water treatment & sewage features

Brian M. Sperlongano zelonewolf at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 03:40:45 UTC 2021


As part of the ongoing series of proposals regarding lake, pond, and
reservoir tagging, I am currently working on a proposal regarding tagging
for ponds, basins, open tanks and lagoons associated with water treatment
facilities.  Currently, there are 3 main ways to tag these features:

(1) 36,781 uses: natural=water + water=wastewater
(2) 7,196 uses:  landuse=reservoir + reservoir_type=sewage
(3) 2,429 uses:  natural=water + water=reservoir + reservoir_type=sewage
(numbers as reported by overpass)

Option #1 (water=wastewater) has the following issues:
1.  Sewage is tagged as water, and when we discussed tailings ponds, there
was broad agreement that "tailings are not water".  Likewise, we might also
conclude that "sewage is not water" and should not be tagged as
2.  The tag value "wastewater" does not make sense for ponds/basins used in
drinking water treatment plants, since pre-treatment drinking water is not
waste water.
3.  This tag is often used to tag clarifiers[1], which are man made tanks,
often round, which have a mechanical apparatus to skim scum (this is the
actual technical term) from water.  They are visually distinct from other
ponds found at water treatment plans, such as settling ponds or aeration
lagoons.  A man-made tank with a mechanical apparatus is more appropriately
placed in the man_made top-level key rather than under natural=water.

Option #2-3 (reservoir_type=sewage) has the following issue:
1.  Reservoirs and sewage treatment ponds are very different; sewage
ponds/basins should not be tagged as a reservoir.

Our current thinking is that both water=wastewater and
reservoir_type=sewage could be replaced with specific tagging for the
features that make up these facilities.  Specifically we would propose tags
1. Clarifiers
2. Settling ponds (which are distinct from the recently-approved
evaporation ponds)
3. Aeration lagoons
4. Water filters

The other, simpler option, is that reservoir_type=sewage could simply be
deprecated in favor of water=wastewater.

How do you feel about these two approaches?

Also, if there is anyone with specific expertise in the area of water
treatment and would be willing to collaborate or answer technical
questions, please contact me directly!

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarifier
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