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Paul Allen pla16021 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 12:26:19 UTC 2021


Some time ago, as a side-issue to something else, I
mentioned that I preferred using url=*  to website=* when
the item was a single, standalone page in a much larger website.
Somebody (I forget who) suggested using webpage=* instead.  So
I recently did.

I added a holiday cottage and used webpage=* for the single
page on a website dealing with many holiday cottages.  A couple
of hours later I received a changeset comment telling me not to
use non-standard keys and which changed webpage=* to

I wondered if the person had happened across the newly-added
holiday cottage by accident or was using some sort of tool to
catch things like this.  So I didn't respond, merely changed
it back, noting that I had deliberately chosen that key, please
don't revert, and "any key you like."  That way I'd know if
the person was using a tool to catch these things or not.
Sure enough, that user changed it back to website.

I checked the wiki: nothing for webpage=*.  Which does indeed
make it non-standard.  But if it showed up in taginfo I could add
a page with status "in use" or "de facto" (if I can figure out the
difference between them).  It did show up in taginfo.  1 use
(probably mine).  But a chronology showing it once had a
far higher use which ramped up over time and then dropped
off a cliff.  Then later showed some small usage that then
dropped off a cliff.  That has zero usage today.  Unless
somebody knows how to get at the details, as far as
taginfo is concerned it never existed.

Then I checked that user's edit history.  Quite a lot of
changesets are about "fixing" things.  He or she fixed
wbsite=* in one edit (for which he or she deserves thanks).
But he or she also waged war upon webpage.

So a few questions:

1) Does what this user is doing constitute good practise or not?
He or she is not fixing errors that he or she finds when editing
objects but is using a tool to wage war on tags he or she
considers non-standard.  Before you answer this, remember
"any tag you like."  You might one day roll out limited usage
of a tag you just invented to get a feel for how it works, only
to find it has been replaced a few hours later because it is

2) Is there sufficient excuse to document webpage=* as
"in use" (with suggestion to consider using website=*
where appropriate) given that it was, prior to war being
waged upon it, actually in use?  Or is it so controversial
it would need a proposal and vote?  If so, I'll probably go
back to using url=*.

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