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This topic perfectly reflects one of the weak points OMS: Data
consistency. Coming up with new tags is perfectly fine if you try to
reflect reality in a way we couldn't before. Just starting to use a new
tag that very easily can get confused with an existing one implies a
high risk of getting "corrected".  Situation nowadays is: The standard
to indicate a POI reference on the internet where people can consult
further information is "Webpage", no discussion about that. People,
myself included, haven't thought about the definition of what a webpage
vs website is. 

- Someone thinks this is not the right terminology? 

Let's discuss it, agree on the right one and deprecate the other. 

- Someone believes it makes sense to make the distinction? 

Let's discuss it and if we agree we document it and try to promote the
new scheme. 

Until any of these options has happened I believe nobody can be blamed
for trying to keep the database clean. 


Marcos (Mar Mar) 

Am 18.03.2021 14:51, schrieb Paul Allen:

> On Thu, 18 Mar 2021 at 13:45, Robin Burek <robin.burek at gmx.de> wrote: 
>> Overall, I would assume that there are no automatic edits here, but rather a good quality management tool is used. I would - even if it is perhaps wrong from a linguistic point of view - primarily (if it is the only list on the Internet) to display such pages under "website" - here you just have to think about the data consumer.
> Long, long ago you could have made the argument that everything should be 
> website=*.  But now we can tag wikipedia webpages.  Facebook user/group 
> pages.  And images (I've seen a couple of website that consist entirely of 
> an image with text on it).  So the data consumer already has several 
> things to check for rather than assuming that if it's accessible to a web 
> browser then we've tagged it as website=*.  Or should we move all 
> of those under website=*? 
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> Paul 
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