[Tagging] Feature Proposal - Rejected - shrubbery

Peter Elderson pelderson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 08:21:57 UTC 2021

Bad luck, but it looks like it can be saved. I would approve if:
1. The decorative, filler and barrier aspects are left out (unverifyable)
2. The "managed" requirement is dropped (managed as a requirement conflicts
with the natural key)

What remains is: an area covered by shrubs.

Then the choice is if shrubbery is a good value for that. I think it's
acceptable, but natural=shrubs is also fine with me. Natural=scrub
would need an extra tag I think, because scrub contains shrubs but usually
much more than that. I would rather tag a single value.

Fr gr Peter Elderson

Op ma 22 mrt. 2021 om 08:29 schreef Vincent van Duijnhoven <
vvanduijnhoven at outlook.com>:

> Hello everybody,
> Unfortunately, the voting for natural=shrubbery did not reach the 75% yes
> criteria so the proposal has been rejected (38 yes, 31 no, 2 abstain = 55%
> yes).
> Thank you all for voting and you comments. We will see how we can use
> those comments to improve the proposal.
> Kind regards,
> Vincent
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