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Florian Lohoff f at zz.de
Sat Mar 27 18:39:11 UTC 2021

On Sat, Mar 27, 2021 at 03:43:02PM +0000, Paul Allen wrote:
> On Sat, 27 Mar 2021 at 15:26, Peter Elderson <pelderson at gmail.com> wrote:
> > What wording would you propose?
> >
> The outline of the area should include buildings and parking lots
> that are within the boundaries (fences/hedges/walls) but exclude
> parking lots that are outside of those boundaries.
> For bonus points, is it permissible or desirable to use multipolygons
> to make parking areas within the boundaries not part of the landuse?
> Discuss.

I don't think physical boundaries like hedges or fences are the correct
wording. I have 2 cemeteries in mind which definitely don't have any
fences, but the parking lot are definitely only for the cemetery (In lack
of other buildings in vicinity).

I would propose something like this:

"The outline should include all features which are build for or
predominantly used by the cemetery like parking lots, chapels, tombs."

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