[Tagging] healthcare=alternative + sport=yoga

Jmapb jmapb at gmx.com
Wed Mar 31 15:37:10 UTC 2021

On 3/30/2021 1:04 PM, Robert Skedgell wrote:
> On 30/03/2021 11:43, Marc_marc wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Some alternative health centers offer yoga lessons.
>> I have seen some listed in osm with healthcare=alternative + sport=yoga
>> https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/6840982600
>> Of course this trigger a validator warning "sport without equipement"
>> is this a valid tag combination or is there something better?
>> Regards,
>> Marc
> The same is also likely to apply to sport=pilates.
> The practice where I see my physiotherapist for running injuries also
> offers a mixture of clinical and alternative services alongside yoga and
> pilates classes and run coaching.

For yoga studios that hold group classes, I've always tagged
leisure=fitness_centre + sport=yoga. If the same POI also offers medical
treatment, I have no problem co-tagging healthcare=alternative (or other
healthcare values.)

For a healthcare establishment that doesn't do classes, but offers
yoga-based treatments, I'd list yoga under the healthcare:speciality tag
instead of adding sport=yoga.

I have used sport=yoga in some strange situations though, such as
https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/248237368 which is a Buddhist temple
that features group yoga. It doesn't seem right to tag it as a fitness
centre, however I didn't get the impression that the yoga practiced
there is all that different from what goes on in a yoga studio. But I'm
in no way an expert in these areas.

I'd probably use the same standards for pilates... if it's a location
with group classes, leisure=fitness_centre + sport=pilates. If it's a
practitioner using pilates as treatment, add it under
healthcare:speciality. (I haven't encountered any pilates-oriented
religions but you never know!)


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