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Tue May 4 09:36:13 UTC 2021

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> On 1 May 2021, at 22:53, Anne-Karoline Distel <annekadistel at web.de> wrote:
> Exposed to the elements, definitely no roof. Maybe they only build those
> in ireland, because the weather is always so great.

they are definitely common also in other regions, their typical field of application are situations where there is not sufficient space for ramps, or/and it would be too steep, but access to people who can’t use the steps is desired/required. They are either built for access to private residences (wouldn’t map them if they seem to be for a single individual living there), or to update the existing access situation of public places or those open to the public (new constructions will typically have to be wheelchair accessible in order to be approved).

FTTH there are at least 3 different types: vertically moving platforms, platforms on “rails” (sort of cogs), and seats on rails.

Cheers Martin 

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