[Tagging] Caves and speleological terms

Cascafico Giovanni cascafico at gmail.com
Fri May 7 09:10:17 UTC 2021

Hello List.

General question: for cave entrance morphology (not cave morphology), with
key should be used?
cave_entrance:type=* ?

About values, dataset is in italian language and I don't have skills to
translate speleo terms correctly; Below a list with frequency and my

Pozzo 5814 well, pit
Pozzetto 1641 pit, cockpipt
Cunicolo 317 cuniculus
Caverna 263 cavern
Galleria 236 gallery, tunnel
Cavernetta 138 small_cavern
Fessura 124 crack, gap
Scivolo 92 slide
Baratro 34 abyss, chasm
Riparo sottoroccia 23 rock_shelter (a shelter with rocky ceiling)
Meandro 16 meander
Voragine 14 chasm, sinkhole
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