[Tagging] Aircraft Traffic Control towers

Jeroen Hoek mail at jeroenhoek.nl
Wed May 12 16:24:42 UTC 2021

> Aeroway wiki [1] defines "new" object tagging as
> man_made=tower
> service=aircraft_control (which control? visual? radar?)
> (taginfo 0 entries)
> but there are other variations:
> man_made=tower
> tower:type=aircraft_control
> (taginfo 323 entries)
> aeroway=control_tower
> (taginfo 884 entries)

(You meant to type aeroway=tower here)

> aeroway=control_tower
> (taginfo 148 entries)
> I'm pretty confused because AFAIK the only discussion [2] is rather poor
> and it doesn't lead to any consolidated tagging scheme.
> Since I'm going to import and conflate some italian ATC towers, I need
> some help about best practice.

I've noticed this too. The use of service=* seems wrong here; perhaps
this was introduced before tower:type became a thing?

Based on existing tagging practices I would say that
tower:type=aircraft_control is the right tag to use in addition to
man_made=tower. Adding aeroway=tower to that mix seems harmless enough
if you look at the three tags like this:

  Fulfils the active role of aircraft control tower (function)

  It is a tower (physical characteristic)

  This tower is an aircraft control tower (physical type)

The latter two can always be applied as long as the tower is standing,
but I would guess that aeroway=tower can only be applied to those in
active use for that particular function.

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