[Tagging] Tagging Digest, Vol 140, Issue 20 tagging ski relations

Georg georg2016 at nurfuerspam.de
Wed May 12 22:15:57 UTC 2021

Hi St Niklaas,

> I am against to tag difficultys on a Nordic - Cross country track or
> spur. It changes with every new downfall of fresh snow.

while I agree that every snowfall/melting change the difficulty, the
terrain and shape of ways does make certain pistes *in general* more
difficult than others. For example, a long steep descent ending in a
sharp turn in front of a cliff is more difficult to master than flat
terrain with wide curves - and this difficulty relation will invert only
in very rare cases with a snowfall or melting period. Exactly this kind
of general, long-term difficulty is what we're talking about.
Did you have a look at
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:piste:difficulty ?

> You could make an exception for groomed spurs, but thats it.

 From spurs I know, I'd clearly extend that to any spur that has a
somehow well defined line - be it because of grooming, signposts,
natural features (e.g. narrow valley with steep sides so only allowing
one line), man made barriers (fences etc) or just by convention/habit.

Cheers, Georg

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