[Tagging] multiple names and postcodes on a single building

Jmapb jmapb at gmx.com
Tue May 18 13:46:23 UTC 2021

On 5/18/2021 8:13 AM, Michael Tsang wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm now working on a place which has a building with the following
> circumstances:
> - It's ground floor is separated into 2 unconnected parts, but the upper floors
> are connected as a single building. A driveway goes between the separate parts
> of ground floor under the upper floors.
> - There are 3 main entrances accessing the upper floors, and the 2 unconnected
> parts of the ground floor respectively. It's not possible to use the other
> entrances to access a certain flat, all 3 entrances lead to separate spaces.
> - The 2 entrances accessing the ground floor flats share the same name, address
> and postcode, with different room numbers only (e.g. rooms 1-34 in one part of
> ground floor go thru entrance A, and rooms 35-48 in another part of ground floor
> go thru entrance B), and the remaining entrance leading to upper floors have a
> different house name, and TWO postcodes are allocated to it, according to the
> floor number (i.e. floors 1-3 have a certain postcode, and floors 4-6 have
> another postcode, but they have the same street address and house name).
> How should I property tag this building?
> Michael

The simplest way I know would be to omit address tags from the building
and use address nodes instead. You'd need four address nodes:





The simple approach is to position these nodes inside the building
perimeter near where each entrance is. The two upper nodes would be
close together since they're accessed by a single entrance. For the two
lower addresses with distinct entrances, you could add the addr tags to
entrance nodes attached the building perimeter, but IMO having some
addresses tagged on entrance nodes and some floating in the building
feels strange.

A more complicated approach would be to use 3D mapping to draw the
building and tag the addresses directly on various building parts.
Depending on the size of the building (it sounds large) this might
actually be a less useful solution, because it won't allow routing
software to send people to the correct entrance for a particular
address. You could try using something like an associatedEntrance
relation but they're not well supported.


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