[Tagging] multiple names and postcodes on a single building

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The driveway is probably a https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:tunnel%3Dbuilding_passage

For the entrances, use nodes on the building outline: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:entrance which can be tagged with addresses.

The biggest issue I can see is with the 2 postcodes for a single entrance, I would simply list them separated with a semicolon

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Hi all,

I'm now working on a place which has a building with the following

- It's ground floor is separated into 2 unconnected parts, but the upper floors are connected as a single building. A driveway goes between the separate parts of ground floor under the upper floors.

- There are 3 main entrances accessing the upper floors, and the 2 unconnected parts of the ground floor respectively. It's not possible to use the other entrances to access a certain flat, all 3 entrances lead to separate spaces.

- The 2 entrances accessing the ground floor flats share the same name, address and postcode, with different room numbers only (e.g. rooms 1-34 in one part of ground floor go thru entrance A, and rooms 35-48 in another part of ground floor go thru entrance B), and the remaining entrance leading to upper floors have a different house name, and TWO postcodes are allocated to it, according to the floor number (i.e. floors 1-3 have a certain postcode, and floors 4-6 have another postcode, but they have the same street address and house name).

How should I property tag this building?

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