[Tagging] [How to tag a] Depot for sand, earth, and other bulk materials

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Used for agriculture "floors" or areas is man_made=threshing_floor (1608 
uses, no wiki page) (for grain threshing and winnowing). We have similar 
practices and facilities for many other crops like drying of coffee 
beans, cocoa beans etc...
How do you call it in French or in English ?

I wouldn't say bunker_silo would be a troll tag, would be if you 
literally follow the current definition as it needs to have walls, 
however in practice this isn't always the case as I explained before, we 
change the definition in the wiki.


Bert Araali

On 19/05/2021 16:27, Florimond Berthoux wrote:
> Hi, thank you for raising this issue. I’d like to add a use case to 
> our reflexion, which seems very close (an area where we store stuff 
> mostly open air) :
> In the north of France we cultivate sweet beetroots, at the harvest 
> they’re being stock in a pile over a ground which is permanent and 
> made most of the time of gravel.
> Examples :
> In summer :
> https://www.geoportail.gouv.fr/carte?c=3.934891819953921,49.746285661908445&z=18&l0=GEOGRAPHICALGRIDSYSTEMS.MAPS.SCAN-EXPRESS.STANDARD:WMTS(1)&l1=ORTHOIMAGERY.ORTHOPHOTOS::GEOPORTAIL:OGC:WMTS(1)&permalink=yes 
> <https://www.geoportail.gouv.fr/carte?c=3.934891819953921,49.746285661908445&z=18&l0=GEOGRAPHICALGRIDSYSTEMS.MAPS.SCAN-EXPRESS.STANDARD:WMTS(1)&l1=ORTHOIMAGERY.ORTHOPHOTOS::GEOPORTAIL:OGC:WMTS(1)&permalink=yes>
> After the harvest :
> https://www.alamyimages.fr/photo-image-gros-tas-de-betteraves-a-sucre-de-betterave-a-sucre-saginaw-comte-recolte-automne-michigan-usa-51589055.html 
> <https://www.alamyimages.fr/photo-image-gros-tas-de-betteraves-a-sucre-de-betterave-a-sucre-saginaw-comte-recolte-automne-michigan-usa-51589055.html>
> I can’t find a good tagging scheme,
> man_made=bunker_silo : kind of troll tag since there is no wall
> landuse=farmyard : it’s not into a farm
> Regards.
> Le mar. 18 mai 2021 à 12:56, Peter Elderson <pelderson at gmail.com 
> <mailto:pelderson at gmail.com>> a écrit :
>     Many municipalities have a terrain designated for storage of sand,
>     earth, clay, cleaned or to-be-cleaned soil, and other bulk
>     materials for building and landscaping projects. Not for a
>     particular project, but for all municipal projects involving bulk
>     materials going in and going out.
>     How to tag?
>     They are called depots, and I guess landuse=depot could include
>     bulk materials. It's not a big step from containers.
>     I am unsure about a suitable value for depot=*.
>     In Dutch, its is called a "grond-depot", that is "ground depot".
>     Would depot=ground be a reasonable tag? Seems too easy to be true...
>     Peter Elderson
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