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Full disclosure: I'm not of a big swimmer. Could you please elaborate
who this micromapping will serve, who will find use in the marking
that you propose and how stable and dependable it is? Could you share
a mockup tagging combination here that you would put on a given pool
that we would better understand what you need (with any tag you like)?

On Thu, May 20, 2021 at 2:42 PM ITineris OSM <itineris.osm at gmx.com> wrote:
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> Am I getting it right that the simple "lanes" tag is preferred most so far?
> > There's no bulkhead in that case, but you do bring up a good point that
> > a different number of lanes can be marked in multiple directions, to be
> > used at different times. It's analogous to how a single basketball court
> > might have six hoops on all sides, but in this case, a single lane count
> > could be misleading, no matter what we call the key.
> I've just surveyed a pool with dimensions of 33.3*25 m. The lane lines are painted in the 33.3 direction but the starting platforms are fixed along the long sides, making 10 lanes of 25 m length.
> https://moradombiuszoda.hu/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/uszodav%C3%A1rosk%C3%A1rtya-1-1024x536.jpg
> There is also a common practice of dividing an Olympic pool to 8*25 m lanes across and to a water polo field in the other half.
> Another common practice I've found is that there are more lanes than markings to acommodate more swimmers. E.g., 6 lanes in a 4-lane pool - mismatching markings at the pool bottom and mismatching the starting platforms. They may be even of different widths: e.g., one extra wide lane for the aquafitness "joggers", a narrow lane for freestylers, and even a 0.5 m lane for kids learning to swim. The ropes are restored to the original positions for events.
> Since the actual pool configuration usually won't be known, I think it's better to map the official lane values and probably describe the default layout in the note.
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> Ákos
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