[Tagging] Swimming pool lanes

Sebastian Martin Dicke Sebastianmartindicke at gmx.de
Fri May 21 10:16:21 UTC 2021

Maybe there could a prefix be helpful? Then we could use sport:lanes:*:*
or sport_lanes:*. To use lanes as only prefix could be emerge confusion
with another usages of the lanes prefix, for example lanes:bus or

For example, in a pool there are three swimming lanes in one direction
and two in the opposite direction: sport:lanes:swimming:forward=3,
sport:lanes:swimming:backward=2 or sport_lanes:swimming:forward=3,

Another example, there are two running lanes in a stadium:

sport:lanes:running=2 or sport_lanes:running=2.



On 21.05.21 09:10, Warin wrote:
> Also 'need' running lanes.
> Possibly other sports too... shooting lanes, others?
> Possible tag to use for all? capacity:lanes=* ???

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