[Tagging] shared way between multipolygon building and multipolygon pedestrian

Christian Müller cmue81 at gmx.de
Thu May 27 06:33:06 UTC 2021

Yes, but it is an abstraction, consider that OSM
is not a full 3d model of ground truth in most
places and does not aim to be (although you find
simple 3d tagging in some areas).

Of course you can argue that a wall has a width,
and that an entrance may be inset, eventually
separated from the pedestrian area by a step or

However, if somebody cares to map with this
level of detail they can always change and en-
hance the data.

It is by no means "wrong" to have a simple
representation of ground truth that can be
enhanced / extended later on (if need be).

In areas with low data density it is often
better to have some data to render than
none (even if it may be less accurate or
highly abstracted from ground truth).

You can also ask at help.openstreetmap.org
to maybe get insight on what others think.


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> Can a way be shared between multipolygon pedestrian and multipolygon 
> building the way will include entrance nodes
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