[Tagging] How to tag small "seating rocks"?

Stefan Tauner stefan.tauner at gmx.at
Thu May 27 08:54:49 UTC 2021

On Thu, 27 May 2021 10:02:26 +0200
Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:

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> > On 26 May 2021, at 17:57, Stefan Tauner <stefan.tauner at gmx.at> wrote:
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> > There are 200 occurrences of capacity=1 and amenity=bench in the
> > database atm.  
> out of 1.5 million benches. There will always be some outliers.

Out of 3000 that have capacity set at all. You have no idea how many of
the others are larger.

> > 
> > There is little difference between benches for more than one person and
> > seating options for a single one in the context of street furniture
> > IMHO.  
> there is significant difference between a bench (seating for several people) and a chair (seating for 1 person). A bench also raises the probability that you can lay down.

The former is not true in OSM as I have shown. Also, there is no
alternative tagging for that, is there? Apart from your sense of
wording you have not shown any rationale why this should be tagged
differently or how to do it.

The latter - possibility laying down - is neither stated on the wiki
page nor is it even true in reality. Actually, many street furniture are
designed to actively prohibit humans to lay down on them (in an attempt
to dispel homeless people).

> Is it a bench? https://www.burford.co.uk/images/detailed/27/Vintage_Farmhouse_Chair_DSC_7703.jpg?t=1555056330

This is not a street furniture/fixed to the ground, so no, in the OSM
sense this is not an amenity=bench. Would it be more durable and fixed
to a (semi)public place then yes, this is clearly a place to sit on and
thus should be marked as such as an amenity=bench with capacity=1 (or
seats=1). The JOSM preset includes seats=1 in its list of suggestions.

There is/was an idea to establish amenity=chair but for obvious reasons
(https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Tag:amenity%3Dchair) this has
not really taken off. The example picture on its page even shows a
bench (cf. description by the photography who took it) with armrests
(the #1 obstacle to prohibit laying down).

Kind regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Stefan Tauner

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