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Belgian law has a relatively recent provision for "school streets":
situations where the final stretch of road close to the school is only
accessible for vehicles outside of school hours. The idea is to  spread out
school related traffic jams and obviously keep the direct surroundings of
the school entrance safe.

Some of these places are implicitly tagged with some of the many effects
these traffic signs have. However, noone uses an explicit tag to define the
segments as "this is in fact a schoolstreet". that makes it very hard to do

At first I thought we could do this like the cyclestreets, which we simply
mark with cyclestreet=yes. But upon closer inspection, it seems we went
with this tag because the name and traffic signs are similar to the Dutch
ones. However, contrary to in Holland, the traffic sign has a clear legal
implication. Hence, it was explained to me, designation=cyclestreet would
have been better for the Belgian case.

Following that logic, I'd say that for our "school street",
designation=school_street would be a good tag.

Any ideas or suggestions? Are there other countries that have similar laws?

Joost Schouppe
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