[Tagging] schoolstraat / rue scolaire

Jmapb jmapb at gmx.com
Fri May 28 18:40:41 UTC 2021

On 5/28/2021 5:00 AM, Warin wrote:

> Perhaps the tag "school_zone=yes" or "school_street=yes" could be
> used? It would be a way for finding them and checking the conditional
> restrictions - particularly if/when those restrictions change.

I like the simplicity of this. It echos the "SH" (school holiday) code
in the opening_hours syntax, necessarily because the details of what the
holidays will be, year to year, are out of scope for OSM.

Mappers *will* want to tag the details if they're explicitly signed
though. Browsing through the values for maxspeed:conditional, you'll see
a dozen different variations of "@(when_flashing)" and "@(school_days)"
that record the details of school zone signage. And something similar
will arise for "school streets" if they feature signs with detailed info.


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