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> Product = bio-oil is more appropriate. There are many large refineries
> producing bio-oil as single source for fuels, additive to petroleum derived
> oil products, basis as fat content for food production, pharmaceutics
> etc... not intended to be only editable for consumption (by humans or
> animal feed). They are large industrial facilities, not to be tagged with
> craft = *.

Ok, then it's maybe practical to have product=oil as both fuel, and
edible oil as sometimes a facility makes both. Especially because both
facilities look similar on the ground.

Do you know if bio_oil facility is called a refinery? As I understand it,
you get bio_oil by crushing and filtering seeds or fruit. Refining is not
the main activity there, other than small scale refining like olive oil
into a worse product. Then we can document industry=refinery specifically
as the wikipedia describes it:

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