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Hi Kyle,

Le mar. 14 sept. 2021 à 03:24, Kyle Hensel <K.y.l.e at outlook.co.nz> a écrit :

>  Is there are reason why waterway=pressurized is used instead of
> waterway=river/stream/canal/drain and pressurized=yes?

Yes, waterways are defined according to their permanent flowing regime.
Some are free flowing, others are pipe flowing.
A given waterway can't be both as it requires a special prerequisites to
handle pressurised water.

This table gives all values according to their regime

River, streams, canals and drains are defined as free flowing waterways, so
it wasn't consistent to propose pressurised=yes for them.
If a river goes punctually in a permanent pressurised culvert,
waterway=pressurised + tunnel=culvert sounds the most appropriate
By the way, a river relation can obviously involve sections with different

In a perfect world we would have cleared waterway=* from all other values
than flowing regime (move waterway=pier or waterway=fuel to man_made or
Never mind, I go back sleeping :)

All the best

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