[Tagging] pressurized=* on pipelines

Kyle Hensel K.y.l.e at outlook.co.nz
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Hi François,

If the tag pressure=yes is acceptable we should definitely document this.
There are currently only 3 instances of pressure=yes in OSM, perhaps because it is not mentioned on the wiki page for Key:pressure or Tag:man_made=pipeline.

Additionally, is pressure=no acceptable?


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Hi Kyle

Le mer. 15 sept. 2021 à 01:12, Kyle Hensel <K.y.l.e at outlook.co.nz<mailto:K.y.l.e at outlook.co.nz>> a écrit :
Following on from https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/tagging/2021-September/062422.html regarding pressurized waterways:

There is currently no way to indicate whether a man_made=pipeline is pressurized
Some wastewater pipelines use gravity to flow to the bottom of the hill (unpressurized), whereas some pipelines are obviously pressurised like LPG and geothermal steam.

You can use pressure=yes unless you know the actual value in bar.

 So, if we were to introduce pressurized=yes/no for pipelines, would it make sense to replace waterway=pressurized with waterway=canal/river/stream/ditch and pressurized=yes/no? To be consistent.
pressurized=yes/no would only be allowed on waterway=* if tunnel=* is also present.

As river, canal, stream or ditches are open flow waterways, it makes less sense to combine them with pressurised.
If pressure>0, then waterway=pressurised is expected.

Tunnels aren't the only infrastructure that can handle pressure.
Depending on the construction (tubes or not), waterway can also be combined with man_made=pipeline (for penstocks for instance).
There are some discussions about that in https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Hydropower_water_supplies

Best regards


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