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Andy Townsend ajt1047 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 13:04:32 UTC 2021

On 21/09/2021 13:10, Dave F via Tagging wrote:
> >you are confusing "type" and "style". The building=church tag is not 
> necessarily about what would _you_ perceive as a church, but about 
> what the locals using it can perceive as a church.
> No. _I_ (& thousands of other contributors) assess churches & other 
> buildings by the sign above the door. When the sign is removed because 
> it _stops_ being a church, the building tag is changed.

A check of the UK and Ireland data* suggests "building as the typology 
of the building, not the use":

gis=> SELECT distinct building FROM planet_osm_polygon WHERE (amenity = 
'place_of_worship') AND (building != 'yes') AND (building != 'church') 
AND (building != 'mosque') AND (building != 'cathedral') AND (building 
!= 'chapel') AND (building != 'convent') AND (building != 'monastery') 
AND (building != 'temple');


  friends meeting house
  telephone exchange
  yes; tower

Now clearly there's some bobbins in there that needs tidying up, but the 
usage of non-religious buildings for religious purposes seems reflected 
in the database:

gis=> SELECT count(*) FROM planet_osm_polygon WHERE (amenity = 
'place_of_worship') AND (building = 'house');
(1 row)

gis=> SELECT count(*) FROM planet_osm_polygon WHERE (amenity = 
'place_of_worship') AND (building = 'industrial');
(1 row)

Obviously "church" here is just an easy building typology to search for, 
and has no bearing on whether a creamery is a distinct enough building 
typology (I'm not convinced of that, though I'm sure that they in some 
sense are historic sites).

Interestingly, the "telephone exchange" does seem a real thing: 
https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/952471124 .

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* using psql, since overpass struggles with these very common keys.

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