[Taginfo-dev] Updates

Jochen Topf jochen at remote.org
Mon May 27 18:10:39 UTC 2013


Today I pushed a few changes to taginfo:

* Added a missing HTML escape in the display of search results. This
  could lead to HTML code from tags appearing in search results. On
  many web sites this kind of issue (cross side scripting) can be very
  problematic, because you can steal sessions or user data this way.
  As we don't have this in taginfo, it is not that big a deal here, but
  you should update anyway.

* I made two settings for "interesting tags" and "interesting relation types"
  configurable in taginfo-config.json. See the provided example file. This
  is interesting for those people running their own sites who previously
  had to edit some .sql files.

* I retired the "merkaartor" source. This editor is not maintained any
  more and, anyway, the data was never used in taginfo really. If you
  have "merkaartor" in your sources.download or sources.create options
  in taginfo-config.json, remove it.

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