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Bridget Smith bridgetsmith at gwmail.gwu.edu
Fri Jul 28 14:24:03 UTC 2017

Good Morning,

I hope this finds you well! My name is Bridget, and I'm working with the
George Washington University in Washington, DC, USA, to develop a new,
open-source GIS project <https://mmann1123.wixsite.com/flood-resilience>.

We're currently working with the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre to
develop an assessment of the resilience of vulnerable populations living
near hydropower dams in Africa. The data and methodologies involved with
this project will be used to help the Red Cross develop emergency plans for
these communities, in the event of a flood, and to expand our understanding
of modeling flooding and its impact on the civilian population.

Right now, we're in the testing stage of this project. We're working to map
three test sites we can then run analysis on in order to stress test our
methodology, and help the Red Cross support at-risk populations.  We're
working right now in Mozambique, Togo, and Ethiopia, and we could use the
support anyone interested to map buildings in the flood plains we're
examining. Here are the tasks we're working on:

   - Task 392 - Mozambique <http://tasks.teachosm.org/project/392>
   - Task 393 - Togo <http://tasks.teachosm.org/project/393>
   - Task 391 - Ethiopia <http://tasks.teachosm.org/project/391>

If anyone is interested in helping, please visit feel free to work on any
of the tasks linked above! We're working exclusively on open source
platforms, so all mapping will take place in OpenStreetMap, a platform I
know your group is familiar with. If there are any questions, please do not
hesitate to reach out to me directly!

Best Wishes,
Bridget Smith
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