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Hi All, (With apologies for cross posting)


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Hi All. (With apologies for cross posting)

The annual Free and Open Source Software 4 Geospatial <http://foss4g.org/>
(FOSS4G) conference is the largest community gathering focused on open
source geospatial software. FOSS4G brings together developers, users,
decision-makers and observers from a broad spectrum of organizations and
fields of operation. Through six days of workshops, presentations,
discussions, and code sprints, FOSS4G participants, learn, exchange, and
create new collaborations, geospatial products, standards.

FOSS4G is a global conference, with attendees from around the world! Last
year, Boston, USA was the host city, before that in 2016 it Bonn, Germany.
Now is the time for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania! FOSS4G 2018 will host numerous
workshops over 27 - 28 August with exciting keynotes and presentations at
the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre 29 - 31 August, and
finally Code Sprints and community building events September 1 & 2. In
addition to bringing together the FOSS4G community in Dar, the 21st QGIS
Developer meeting
<https://github.com/qgis/QGIS/wiki/DeveloperMeetingZanzibar2018> will take
place in Zanzibar (a short 60min ferry trip away!) the 20 - 24 of August -
the Geospatial Savanna is on the rise in East Africa!

The vision for our conference is to make it as accessible and inclusive as
possible, bridging the gaps between the various communities that make us so
strong, to make us stronger. This will be achieved through a Travel Grant
Program that will enable economically disadvantaged participants the
opportunity to attend, covering travel, lodging and conference costs. This
will be bolstered by an exciting conference program, taking the very best
that the open source geospatial community can offer. This ranges from
locating schools to the instrumentation of communities with cheap, open
source, 3D printed weather stations that improve community resilience to
climate change.

Our theme for FOSS4G 2018 is “Leave No-One Behind”. We live in a world
where our users and developers have the opportunity to make a difference to
the lives of everyone, whether it’s those in extreme poverty looking for
access to clean water, to those using routing algorithms to calculate the
fastest route to work. Location and geography are at the heart of these
challenges and a FOSS4G 2018 in Dar es Salaam will invigorate our existing
projects, bringing them to new users and developers while supporting and
nurturing the existing community.
To deliver on this mission, we've built collaborations with various
communities, from within the open source geospatial community and beyond.
For example, in collaborating with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
<https://www.hotosm.org/>, FOSS4G 2018 will host their annual summit as a
track within the main program; collaborating with Understanding Risk:
Africa, to focus on the use of open geospatial tools like Geoserver,
Geonode, and Inasafe while be bringing users and developers together at an
extent not done before. To see the full extent of this exciting program,
have a look at the lists of presentations
<https://2018.foss4g.org/programme/list-of-presentations/> and workshops

Ultimately, you should attend FOSS4G 2018 because:

   - Dar es Salaam is the centre of technological innovation, culture and
   social activities in Tanzania;
   - A vibrant city of many cultures and warm hospitality;
   - The gateway to African sights, such as world beating safaris, heritage
   and world leading beaches;
   - A historic centre surrounded by the construction of a new Africa;
   - At the centre of East Africa, within easy reach of the world;

Workshop, Main Conference (and experience tickets!) are now available at
2018.foss4g.org at the lowest early bird price in years for a global
FOSS4G: $500. Early bird registration ends on June 5, book your place
today. We're looking forward to welcoming you to Dar es Salaam in the warm
Tanzanian sun!




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*Ex Project chair:* QGIS.org

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