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Kyle Robbertze kyle at paddatrapper.com
Thu Aug 29 07:03:04 UTC 2019

Hi Bernelle,

On 2019/08/28 14:35, Bernelle Verster wrote:
> Hi Edson
> Replying to all for interest:
> Team:
> I need team members listed on the page to show strength of numbers,
> basically. So, for starters, please add your name (thanks Geoffrey!).
> Also, please share this bid to your networks!

I have added my name to the list. I am keen to help, provided the dates
do not clash with DC20. It would be great to work with everyone again.

> Insider knowledge:
> I don't know the OSM community nor do I know the SotM format. I have
> organised the Debian Conference in Cape Town before (DebConf16), which
> I think is a similar culture.
> Format:
> My interest in getting involved, and also my concern that I may
> 'corrupt' the format, is that I am interested in using OSM in games,
> urban metabolism visualisations and information design, and organising
> a conference is a great way to learn and connect. I would like the
> conference to have tracks addressing these things, which hopefully
> would also incentivise creatives and people who otherwise may not be
> interested in OSS mapping stuff to attend - bringing new blood and
> pretty things. I need help to keep the conference true to the SotM
> format.
> Remote participation:
> For accessibility, but also for the increasing concern about
> (long-haul) flights and climate change, I would like a greater
> emphasis on remote participation. Ideally, an avatar in a virtual
> world :) Like, SimCity for OSM! (not that far fetched, but probably a
> lot of work) Ideas needed on how to improve accessibility here.

This is something the DC video team is working on for DC20 and I would
love an opportunity to test and integrate that into another conference.
> Location:
> My current favourite is the University of Cape Town Rondebosch campus,
> as I know how things work there and we have a staff member on the team
> (DebConf16 was held there). I still need a letter of support from a
> relevant department/faculty to give us a venue discount. Does this
> suit people in terms of access, transport, whatever? Other ideas? If
> anyone wants to help with catering or venue quotes, also get in touch
> please. Feel free to add known costs to the wiki as an indication to
> the bid committee, see Heidelberg (this year's SotM) bid as example:
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/State_of_the_Map_2019/Call_for_venues/Heidelberg

UCT is definitely a good choice of venue.


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