[Talk-africa] Non traditional address data

Jason Owen jasono at ziva.africa
Mon Feb 11 08:09:13 UTC 2019

Dear Africa OSM community,

I am from Zimbabwe and am working with the local Authority in Kariba Town
(a small town in the West of the country) to launch an app reliant on OSM
data. The app is for reporting local issues and users will geolocate issues
before submitting a form. Zimbabwe does not have a great street address
system and most streets in Kariba are not officially named. Most houses do
not have street numbers or street names/addresses. However, all houses have
got what is known as a “Stand Number” which is given to the property owner
when they purchase the property.

The local authority would like to upload a shapefile of all property
boundaries with stand number attributes. This will greatly improve the
geocoding possibilities for Kariba residents.

I would like to know if there are other African users out there who have
imported similar datasets and have had to deal with non-traditional address

Thanks so much,

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