[Talk-africa] State of the Map Africa 2021: Call for Volunteers

Geoffrey Kateregga kateregga1 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 17:26:59 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

The planning for State of the Map Africa 2021 starts now with the call for
you to joining the organizing committees.

We are to follow the same structure as in the past conferences, where we
have the following sub-committees

1. Venue selection committee
2. Fundraising Committee
3. Budget Committee
3. Scholarship committee
4. Program committee
5. Communication committee
6. Local organizing committee

If you are interested in the planning and organizing of the next State of
the Map Africa, please your name and contacts in this spreadsheet, below
the name of the committee where you would like to participate.

Please read through the tasks of each sub-committee before adding your
name. The Local Organizing Committee to be made up of the hosting country
will be filled once the venue is selected.

Please join us, to help plan for the next State of the Map Africa.

Kind regards,

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