[Talk-at] Fwd: [OSM-talk] Licence redaction ready to begin

Martin Vonwald imagic.osm at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 05:35:53 UTC 2012

Für alle, die Talk-de nicht mitlesen: ODbL-Umstellung beginnt diesen Mittwoch.


> -------- Original-Nachricht --------
> Betreff:    [OSM-talk] Licence redaction ready to begin
> Datum:    Mon, 09 Jul 2012 21:46:43 +0100
> Von:    Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemeD.net>
> An:    talk at openstreetmap.org, dev at openstreetmap.org,
> announce at openstreetmap.org
> Hello all,
> I'm pleased to announce that the licence change bot is ready to get 
> underway.
> Starting this week, we will be 'redacting' the contributions (less than 
> 1%) from the live database that are not compatible with the new 
> Contributor Terms and Open Database Licence (ODbL) - in other words, 
> they will no longer be accessible. We are expecting to begin on 
> _Wednesday_ (9th July) assuming a couple of final setup details are 
> completed by then.
> The bot will run in the following order:
>    1. Ireland
>    2. UK
>    3. Western Europe
>    4. North America
>    5. Australia
>    6. rest of the world
> Once it is complete, we will be ready to distribute data under the ODbL 
> and we'll advise of that with a separate announcement. The final 
> pre-redaction dataset available under CC-BY-SA has now been generated at 
> http://planet.openstreetmap.org/planet-120704.osm.bz2 . Where data has 
> been redacted, any attempt to access it from the API or the site's 
> 'browse' pages will return a response to that effect.
> Test runs have shown that the bot is functioning as we want it to, but 
> we will of course be monitoring its progress. We are currently expecting 
> it to take in the order of one month to complete; given the many 
> variables I'm afraid we can't give a more precise steer yet, but we'll 
> aim to keep everyone updated as it runs (via the announce@ and talk@ lists).
> There will be _no_ API outage and no other interruption to editing. When 
> the bot is running in your area, please do save your edits frequently to 
> minimise the likelihood of conflict.
> (Separate messages are going to talk-ie@ and talk-gb@ as the first two 
> areas to be affected. Please do forward and translate this for your 
> local mailing lists.)
> As you know we were expecting this to start just after 1st April and the 
> complexity of the task incurred the delay. Thank you all very much for 
> your patience in waiting for it to get underway. Thank you especially to 
> those who have contributed to the code, whether by patches, suggestions 
> or just helping to firm up the workings.
> Richard
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