[Talk-at] Was soll eigentlich das überdrübergeniale footway=sidewalk Mapping im 4. Bezirk, und wie kann man den Südtiroler Platz korrekt mappen? Oder ein Rant an die Micromappingfraktion...

Stefan Kopetzky SKald at ostblock.org
Wed Jul 31 20:13:59 UTC 2013

On 31.07.2013 15:26, MilošŠipetić wrote:
> If I understand correctly, the main issue is our usage of highway=footway 
> for indoor circulation network, and the fix for this would be using the 
> highway=corridor in all the indoor spaces? Did I understand this correctly? 

I think thats the point. Thanks for your concern!

Also be assured that you didnt ruin anything: Some strange rendering on
the Slippymap is no real tragedy at all.

Best Regards!

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