[Talk-at] in Austria, good experience - thank you!

Stefan Tiran stefan.tiran at student.tugraz.at
Mon Nov 10 15:45:17 UTC 2014


Norbert Wenzel wrote:
> On 11/10/2014 10:29 AM, Stefan Tiran wrote:
>> Norbert Wenzel wrote:
>>> On 11/10/2014 07:45 AM, emga at gmx.net wrote:
>>>> I always thought deleting correct data in osm is kind of forbidden. So i would 
>>>> recommend to leave it in there, its not destroying anything or?
>>> You're missing the point of this discussion. It's not about whether
>>> correct data should be deleted but about the question if mapping
>>> parallel footways is actually correct data.
>> This might be your point of view but I would not consider it as common
>> sense.
> This isn't any point of view, that's me summing up the discussion.

Thanks, this is what I wanted to point out. My opinion differs because
for me it is out of question that sidewalks belong into OSM with all
physical properties attached.

> Nobody discussing here said "it's good data but it doesn't belong to
> OSM" but all the discussion is about whether it is correct data or data
> added correctly (in whatever posters sense of correct). 

Even worse: people don't say what they mean. Mapping sidewalks and
crossings is correct, if they exist. It does not matter, if someone
infers wrong conclusions because of their own wrong assumptions. The
assumption, you could only cross streets at dedicated crossings is wrong
in Austria.

> I just felt that
> more or less implying that opposing the mapping of sidewalks as parallel
> footways is close to vandalism (deleting correct data) is quite harsh
> and far fetched. 

It depends. If someone says some data should be deleted, this can indeed
be considered as incitement to vandalism.

And now the reasons for my point of view:

I like the idea that OSM data can be used for all different purposes
including wheelchair routing. Also, I fully support that projects who
aim to do that should be enabled to directly use the OSM database,
because it actually helps OSM in getting better. The alternative would
be to fork the database and then it would be no help for OSM at all. So
even though micromapping introduces features, which some people[1] are
not interested in, it does not mean that people should be encouraged to
delete them.


[1] I assume, it is mostly people who see the world only through the
front shield of their car.

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