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Michael Maier Michael.Maier at student.tugraz.at
Thu Oct 30 18:36:22 UTC 2014

On 30/10/14 14:19, Robert Kaiser wrote:
> Carles Pina i Estany schrieb:
>> there seems to be footpaths on a "normal" street.
> Those should all be deleted. They are sideways and ought to be mapped as
> tags on the street, or else any routing with them won't work properly as
> you can't build a clear model of where you can access the street unless
> you map every point where they are actually connected to their street.

Oh come on guys, we've had this discussion half a year ago...

Not everyone can access the street, if there is a kerb higher than 3cm.
Please think outside your own scope about the people which don't have
two working legs, and are restricted to a wheelchair. You're faster than
you can imagine in this situation if the "Truck Factor" does only hit
one of your legs...

If the sidewalks are correctly mapped, and the kerbs are mapped too (as
they are in one of the examples Carles provided, with kerb=lowered), it
is clearly an loss if information if the ways are deleted.

The result on the past discussion was:
Map as you wish, but do not destroy other's work or remove information.

> And even if what I just said is only one side of a controversial
> discussion, they for sure should never be rendered in a normal map, at
> least not in the ugly way you see them in the pictures you pointed out.

I'm absolutely with you, that footway=sidewalk shouldn't be rendered (at
least on z<18) - but we're not mapping for the renderer here, or are we?^^

> KaiRo

best regards,

Michael Maier, Student of Telematics @ Graz University of Technology
OpenStreetMap Graz                         http://osm.org/go/0Iz@paV

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