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Thu Oct 30 19:08:15 UTC 2014

On 2014-10-30 14:19, Robert Kaiser wrote:
> Those should all be deleted. They are sideways and ought to be mapped as
> tags on the street, or else any routing with them won't work properly as
> you can't build a clear model of where you can access the street unless
> you map every point where they are actually connected to their street.

just thinking about to delete correct data is disrespecting the work of 
others on every level.

until OSM will switch to the long overdue pure area-based model for the 
physical features of streets and sidewalks we all have to and will live 
with the current compromise.

and if routers cant cope with the data in osmap, they are free (haha) to 
use data from other places. or get better in working with the free and 
open data provided by the volunteers of OSM.

> And even if what I just said is only one side of a controversial
> discussion, they for sure should never be rendered in a normal map, at
> least not in the ugly way you see them in the pictures you pointed out.

nicely said. the renderer is at fault. since noone maps for the renderer 
per defintion of osm, there is nothing to worry about. =)

just my 2cts,

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