[Talk-at] Unpaved cycleways in Austria?

Pallai Roland pallair at magex.hu
Sun May 3 14:20:08 UTC 2015


I'm working on a new, detailed web map for cyclists, the coverage has been
extended to Austria yesterday and I have found something that's unusual in
Hungary (where I started): unpaved cycleways. See:

Can you tell me are those official cycleways marked with a traffic sign
<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:120px-Zeichen_237.svg.png> in
Austria? Do the same rules apply to those as to the common cycleways in the
city? Are those designated for cyclists?

In Hungary we've cycle routes on unpaved roads of course but that's never a
cycleway, just a cycle route or recommended way for cyclists (traffic sign
<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:KRESZ-KPU.png>) on an unpaved
highway, or an unpaved highway suitable for cycling (but not designated for
cyclists). If you found some with overpass that's just incorrect labeling.

(Please CC me, I'm not on the mailing list. Thanks!)
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